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Model No KF-1205DL
Description Approved Charger for Lithionics Brand Batteries
Weight(kg) 2


Lithionics Battery High Frequency Lithium ion Battery Chargers are the safest and fastest way to charge our lithium ion batteries and will also work with conventional lead-acid batteries.

Lithionics lithium ion batteries need to be charged at a higher voltage (typically 14 Volts to 14.4 Volts). Some conventional battery chargers are only capable of charging at 12 Volts and cannot be used to charge Lithionics Lithium ion Batteries. Before you charge a Lithionics Lithium ion Battery, please test the output voltage of your existing battery charger. If your existing battery charger outputs less than 14 Volts or the stampings on the charger itself reveal that it only outputs 12 Volts, we suggest that you also purchase one of our safe, high efficiency Lithium ion Battery Chargers. We offer both Portable Battery Chargers as well as Built-in/ Onboard Battery Chargers.

Item details,

Lithium ion Battery Charger for 12 Volt lithium ion batteries - Display
Output: 5 Amps.

    Advanced high frequency switching made power supply technology
    DC output isolated from AC input
    Single input 110VAC and 230VAC or universal input 110/230Vac, 50Hz~60HX
    Charging parameters are insensitive to the AC in put line voltage variations
    Completely automatic battery charging: CC, CV, Float, Cut-off
    2 LEDS:
    LED1 Red (power on),
    LED 2 Red/Blue/Green (power on/charging/full)
    Protection: short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, reverse polarity
    Forced ventilation with fans
    100% full load burn-in test
    Aluminum housing, light weight, portable
    Efficiency > 85%

Warranty: 12 Months

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